Best Metal Detectors For Kids

The Best Metal Detectors For Kids – A comprehensive guide

Exploration is extremely important for children. This is how they learn about the world around them and stimulate their curiosity. Although there are a lot of toys that help them develop, allowing them to use a metal detector that is specifically developed for children allows them to engage with the environment as well as be productive. After all, they can keep the little trinkets that they found, and some of them may even prove to be valuable. This having been said, finding the best metal detectors for kids can be difficult due to the fact that these devices come in all shapes and sizes.

While there are models that are specifically designed for small children, as they grow up they will need something that is a little more powerful and has more complex features.

All the models that you will find below are either specifically designed for children, or can be adapted for them. Furthermore, kids, especially smaller ones tend to pay little to no attention to their things, so we have selected detectors that can take a beating and still work.

We’ll also look at a few ideas to help you get your kids interested in treasure hunting, such as places that you can take them to look for valuable objects.

The best places to take your kids in order to hunt for metals 350

By itself, a metal detector may not be able to spark the interest of your children, however, if you find the right places to take them treasure hunting, they will easily start enjoying the experience. Depending on what age your children are, you should start by taking them to smaller places where they can find metallic trinkets and then move to larger areas that also contain more valuable items. This way, they will receive some gratification to keep them going without being overwhelmed by how much space they need to cover. Here are a few great places to go treasure hunting with your kids:

·         Your backyard – This is the first place that you should take your kids after you get them a detector

The backyard is the perfect place to teach your kids how to use their new metal detector. It is a safe area where you can keep an eye on them, that won’t have puddles or areas where they might break the device, and if they get bored, they can easily switch to another activity. Having their hunting ground so close to the home is particularly useful if you have small children that are 13 and under as it will prevent them from getting in potentially dangerous situations.

However, this means that you will have to cheat a little in order to make sure that your kids will pick up on how enjoyable treasure hunting can be. Go online and look for copper or even iron coins. They don’t have to be valuable, however, you should look for ones that look different from the ones that you currently use. If you travel a lot, you can take any coins that you may have left from your trips and bury them in your backyard. This way you can be sure that your kids will find something interesting every time they go hunting for treasure.

·         Parks – Those who pass through often lose jewelry and other valuable items that your kids can find

Once your children learn how to use the detector, you can take them to the park. They will have more space to scan and there is always the chance that they will find valuable items that others may have lost. Also, this is usually a great place to teach them about the discrimination function of the metal detector, if the model that you have bought comes with it.

·         Historical sites – Great destinations for road trips where you can mix your kids curiosity with history lessons

Go online and look for various historical sites near you. Areas where battles have taken place or where old medieval settlements used to be are great and there is a big chance that your children will be able to find a couple of artifacts. This having been said, try to move as much as possible. Most of these places have been picked clean by professional treasure hunters, however, you may still be able to find old buckles pins and other things that your kids may find interesting.

If you go to a historical site and don’t find anything, try the surrounding area, especially in the case of settlements.

What to look for in a metal detector that your kids can use?

  • Weight – Kids should have fun using the metal detector. Look for a model that is light enough to carry and use for at least a couple of hours;
  • Waterproof design – Keep in mind that your kids will inevitably get the detector wet. Although it’s not actually necessary to get a fully waterproof model, you should focus on choosing one that has a coil that can be submerged;
  • Comfortable grip – Your kids’ skin is more delicate than our own and this makes comfort extremely important. Look for a device that is easy to hold and will not dig into the user’s arm after using it for a couple of hours;

Generally speaking, focus on looking for a detector that your kids can actually use as soon as you give it to them. Their interest will wear quickly if they cannot use it in order to have fun.

Top 5 Best Metal Detectors for your kids

1.     ExploreOne Adjustable Junior Metal Detector – A water-resistant metal detector that’s great for kids of all ages

Best Metal Detectors for KidsThe ExploreOne model looks great, it is made from fairly durable plastic and its stem can be extended or shortened in order to fit kids of all sizes. Furthermore, the detection coil is water-resistant and can be submerged without breaking. Although the model does not come with a screen, it does have a variable audio indicator that lets the user know when it has found something.





  • Different notifications – The device can produce different sounds depending on what type of metal it has detected;
  • Extendable stem – You can lengthen or shorten the stem of the device, making it great if you have more than one child;
  • LED light – The LED light generates enough light to make the device easy to use during nighttime;


  • No screen or visual indicator – The device does not have any sort of indicators other than the audio queues;

What makes it different

Although the ExploreOne model does not have any advanced features, it is fairly cheap and durable enough to be bumped on rocks and trees without degrading. Also, the fact that it is partially waterproof is invaluable.

2.     INTEY Waterproof Metal Detector – An easy to use metal detector that also comes with a foldable shovel

Best Metal Detectors for KidsThis Waterproof Metal Detector from INTEY is great to get as a gift due to the fact that it has an extendable stem and also comes with a foldable shovel. Furthermore, the model’s sensitivity and volume can be easily changed, and it even comes with a discrimination feature that kids can use in order to ignore certain objects and metals.





  • Waterproof design – Both the detection coil and the stem are waterproof, making the device great for rainy areas where there are constantly puddles on the ground;
  • Discrimination function – You can set the device to ignore certain metals, making it great if your kids want to look only for valuable items;
  • Included shovel – The shovel is short and light, making it great for kids;


  • Not great for the beach – Although the lower half of the device is waterproof, the control box is not, which means that if water from the waves splashes on it the whole detector may stop working;

What makes it different

If you want to get a detector that will allow your kids to tune the settings and specifically look only for certain materials, then the INTEY model may be a good choice. Also, the detection indicator is easy to read and both the stem and coil are waterproof.

3.     TACKLIFE Metal Detector – A compact metal detector that’s fun to use and has an LCD display

Best Metal Detectors for KidsThe TACKLIFE Metal Detector has a waterproof coil and an extendable stem. Furthermore, the LCD display is backlit and shows all relevant information at the same time, without requiring that the user navigates through multiple menus.






  • Waterproof coil – The coil of the device can be fully submerged, and it will still function;
  • Bright LCD display – The LCD of the detector is bright and can display a wide variety of information such as the targeted metal, the depth settings, and the power level;
  • Very light – Weighing only 1.2 pounds, the model is great for kids of any age;


  • Stem not waterproof – The stem of the device is not waterproof which means that, while it is ok if water splashes on it, submerging it may damage the detector;

What makes it different

The best part about this model is the design. The control box of the device is placed near the grip, which means that you can safely take the detector to the beach without worrying that water will splash on the sections that are not waterproof and would be easily damaged by water.

4.     RM RICOMAX Metal Detector for Kids – A small, highly portable metal detector that comes with digging accessories and a carry bag

This one is perfect for children age 12 and above. The detector itself is weather resistant and the coil is waterproof, making it great to use regardless of the season. Furthermore, the package includes a carry bag as well as two durable digging tools. Using the device is easy due to the fact that it has only one button and the LCD that displays relevant information when a target is found.





  • Easy operation – The detector can be operated using a single button;
  • Vibration and LCD – Once the device finds something it will vibrate, and an arrow will appear on the LCD display;
  • Included accessories – The model comes with two digging tools as well as a durable carry bag that will fit every component;


  • Not completely waterproof – The simple design of the device would have made more sense if the stem was waterproof as well;

What makes it different

The RM RICOMAX Metal Detector for Kids is great as a present due to the fact that it contains everything that your kids will need to immediately go hunting for treasure. Also, the carry bag is large enough to fit both the detector as well as the accessories, so when your kids are done using it they can store everything away in a matter of minutes.

5.     EXPLORERONE Metal Detector for Kids – A simple, affordable metal detector that comes with a built-in LED light

This EXPLORERONE model may not seem like much, but it is one of the best metal detectors for kids who have never used one before. The design of the product is simple and there are very few elements that could break if dropped, thrown or hit repeatedly. The detector has a water-resistant detection coil and an integrated flashlight that is great to have during the night.





  • Integrated LCD light – The LCD light is bright enough to illuminate both the base of the device as well as the area that it is used on;
  • Waterproof detection coil – The base of the device can be used in shallow water without degrading;


  • No notification options – There is no way to silently notify the user if the device finds something. The detector only has an audio queue;

What makes it different

This detector doesn’t have many features, however, it is fairly durable and it is one of the most affordable models on the market. The fact that it only has the bare minimum in terms of functionality makes it great for children who tend to break their toys or who have never had a metal detector before.


When used properly, a metal detector can be a wonderous device for children. All the ones that we have reviewed are sure to spark their curiosity while also helping them learn about the world that they live in. Also, by using these models in order to hunt for treasures they will learn that their work pays off, and, provided that you take them to historical sites, they may learn by playing.

This having been said, keep in mind that the best metal detectors for kids, in general, is the one that fits your child the best. All the models that we have reviewed above are great in their own right, however, you will have to take into account that the one you choose must not only be durable and look interesting but also be light and comfortable enough so that your kids will have a good time hunting for treasure.

Also, please keep in mind that as durable as these detectors may be, you will still have to explain to your children that they have to be careful with them. Although a model may have a waterproof detection coil, which means that the circular section can be submerged in water and still function, the control box may be more fragile. All the devices will work great as long as they are not completely submerged.

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