Best Places to Metal Detect for Old Coins

Many individuals like to invest time and effort in treasure hunting. The thrill that they may uncover something valuable keeps them at it. Seasoned relic hunters know that it is a tough sport. If you cannot accept failure, then it is not an ideal field for you. Not every expedition yields lucrative rewards. Consistent and meticulous planners may taste success.

If you want to unearth hidden metal artifacts, gems, and coins, you require specialized training. A metal detector can become your faithful companion. However, proper information about the best places to metal detect for old coins is crucial. This write-up sheds light on the various aspects of treasure hunting.

Select the Correct Instrument

Gold coins or other precious metal items may be under several layers of soil. You cannot dig up the entire area and strain the soil particles. It is a laborious task. Apart from this, it may take several days. The crude way diminishes the chances of success. You need sophisticated machines to accomplish this task.

A metal detector for gold can come to your aid. Several manufacturing companies produce these gadgets. The primary function of this machine is to detect the presence of any metal beneath the soil layers. You can search the virtual platform to gather information about these unique metal detectors.

When the machine detects any metal object, it makes a ‘bleep’ sound. You can mark the spot. You must use special digging tools to excavate the area. If luck favors, you may find something of value.

Several metal detectors are available in the market. These come with different price tags. The simple metal detectors are inexpensive. You need to shell out a considerable sum to purchase the sophisticated metal detectors. Online gadget portals offer lucrative discounts on these products. You may buy the gadget from local hardware stores as well.

You must check the features of the metal detectors. Some can detect metal on the ground, while others can operate underwater as well. Experts suggest that you inspect the elements and read the guidebook before the final purchase. Once you have the perfect machine, you can make the list of best places to metal detect for old coins.

If you lack expertise, consult with an expert. The specialist can offer vital tips. They can also teach you the best way to operate the metal detectors. A crash course can come to your aid.

How Do Metal Detectors Work?

If you desire to uncover valuable metal relics, then you need a sophisticate metal detector. The machine works on the theory of magnetism. The gadget has two essential parts. The first is the batter. The second is the transmitter. When you turn on the switch, the battery activates the transmitter. The battery generates an electric impulse than reaches the transmitter.

The transmitter has coils. When the electric impulse reaches these coils, it changes in magnetic energy. It creates a magnetic field. As you place the transmitter on the soil, the magnetic field detects metal objects. It triggers the machine to create a distinct sound. So, you understand that a metal object lies in that area.

Modern metal detectors come with s-ray scanners. They also have a display unit. The machine can create an image of the metal object from the signals it generates. Thus, these machines make the task easy for relic diggers.


Best Sites that Yield Precious Metals

Metal relic enthusiasts highlight, not all places are potential treasure troves. Most treasure hunters desire to find gold and silver coins, rings, and other artifacts. You need to invest time and effort to research about the potential sites. You must go through the history of the place. Proper analysis of these aspects can increase the chances of success.
The internet can assist you to locate the best places to metal detect for old coins. These places are often massive. You need to chalk out a plan for comprehensive search operations. Relic hunters use the topographic maps to create grids. New-age treasure hunters use satellite images for location analysis. Once you pinpoint the search locations, you can embark on the mission.

Here are some places where you can ‘strike gold.’

Historic Mansions

Best Places to Metal Detect for Old Coins - Historic Mansions

Several wealthy people built massive mansions in the past. Most of these homes are in dilapidated condition. No one lives in these mansions. You can utilize this opportunity to your advantage. A thorough search of the property may yield gold and silver coins. These coins were popular during the bygone era.

It is necessary that you do some research on the property. Gather information about the people who lived in these homes. Dig deep to figure out the financial standing of the family in society. It is unwise to waste time, money, and energy on a random mansion that looks promising.

Natural Swimming Holes

Best Places to Metal Detect for Old Coins - Swimming Holes

People make wishes and drop gold and silver coins in the natural swimming holes. These swimming holes are deep, and the coins remain at the bottom, undisturbed. Apart from this, river banks and beaches are potential sites. Strong water currents in the swimming holes and seas can carry the coins. These settle on the banks.

You can search the river banks and beaches with high-frequency metal detectors. If you want to scan the swimming hole’s bed, you will need special equipment. The bottoms of the natural swimming holes are dark. You can rent unique underwater searchlights for a better view.

However, silt deposition on the coins may mask their shine. Here, modern underwater metal detectors and scanners can help you. The frequency can penetrate the thick layer silt layers. The machine can detect the presence of metal from underneath the silt.

Playground and Parks

Another place where you can find precious metals is the park. However, the task is somewhat complicated than it seems. Old land records suggest that modern-day parks belonged to affluent people. They often hid their valuables in holes in the ground. It was a ploy to fool the robbers. Those people are long gone. They carried the location of the secret treasure box to their graves.

However, science and technology can assist you to uncover the secrets. High-range metal detectors can send magnetic signals deep into the soil. When these hit a metal object, it bounces back. It completes the detection process.

There is another issue that you must consider. The popular parks and playgrounds have tall grasses. The glass often makes the search operations challenging. Patience and hard work can pave the path for success.

Old Churches

Churches are much more than prayer halls. Famous churches possess religious and historical relics. There is a high demand for such items in the market. Old records highlight that feudal lords were generous church patrons. They donated vast sums of gold and silver to the churches. These lords often stored their wealth in the church vaults.

Treasure seekers opine that medieval churches are the best places to metal detect for old coins. You must concentrate on the inner chambers and the monasteries. You must check the alter area as well. If you do not find any gold or silver coins, you may discover ancient silver goblets. You can add these dated items to your collection.

Once you collect the items, you must preserve them. You must hire professional restoration specialists for this task. They can certify that these are authentic items. Such validation can increase the value of the artifacts in the relic market.

Desolate Financial Institutes

Old banks or treasury buildings are gold mines for relic hunters. A quick search on the internet gives a list of such structures. You must contact the local authority and get the necessary permission. It prevents the chances of legal entanglements. When you get the no-objection certificate, acquire the architectural layout of the building.

You can study the plan and locate the position of the vaults and safes. Experts suggest one must concentrate the search near these areas. The trunks and safes stored valuable metals when the banks operated. So, you may hit the jackpot if you stress on these areas.

Shipwreck Locations

Best Places to Metal Detect for Old Coins - Shipwreck

Another popular place that treasure hunters frequent is shipwreck sites. During medieval ages, merchant ships used the waterways to carry out trade activities. The rough waters and unforgiving sea storms drowned many vessels. These ships often carried gold, silver, and other precious metals. Underwater treasure hunting expeditions are challenging but come with huge rewards.

If you want to search for precious metals underwater, you need specialized training. Professional divers get the permit to conduct these searches. Apart from this, you need state-of-the-art metal detectors, which operate underwater. It is best to search for the unexplored shipwrecks. It maximized the chances of lucrative finds.

If you are new in this field, you must learn the trick of the trade from a seasoned professional. One can detect a bigger metal object with ease. If the metal fragment is small, you may need high-frequency metal detectors. Apart from relic hunters, forensic detectives and bomb squads also use these machines. An in-depth analysis can offer surprising information.

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