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Choosing The Best Underwater Metal Detector At The Best Possible Price

In this article, we aim to help you find the best underwater metal detector for your needs and also look at some of the main strategies that professional treasure hunters and archeologists use in order to increase their chances of finding something of value underwater.

Some of the greatest treasures are underwater. However, finding them is never easy and specialized equipment is required in order to detect jewelry or historical artifacts. When it comes to the preferred tools of modern-day treasure hunters, the most important one is the metal detector. These devices use magnetic fields in order to find objects made from a variety of metals, ranging from copper and nickel to gold and bronze.

This having been said, not all metal detectors are created equal and being able to choose the right one for the job is essential to making your treasure hunts as lucrative as possible. There are several types of devices, in terms of design and each has different advantages and disadvantages.

The technology that powers the metal detectors has been around for several decades and has now reached a point where manufacturers are coming up with devices that can be used at depths of 100 feet or more.

What to look for in a quality underwater detector?

Finding a quality metal detector can be a difficult task by itself, however, finding one that can also work deep underwater may be a lot harder if you do not know exactly what to look for. Models that are manufactured to work underwater follow the same functioning principles of the ones that are used on land, however, there are a few differences that you must keep in mind:

·         What kind of water will you be using it in?

Not all models can handle saltwater. Although they are advertised as being waterproof, salt can easily cause any exposed metallic parts to oxidize and break down, even if you regularly wash the detector after you use it. If you intend to go hunting in saltwater, look for devices that are specifically designed for this kind of environment. They may be slightly more expensive, but they won’t rust after using them a couple of times.

·         What depth do you want to dive to?

There are two main types of underwater detectors: regular, telescopic models and ones made specifically for scuba diving. Both can vary in terms of what depth they will work at, but they have vastly different designs, which can influence the way you use them.

Regular waterproof models are considered to be some of the best underwater metal detectors due to the fact that they have a telescopic stem and a large coil that will easily find smaller items without having to go several times over an area. The main downside with these is that they are heavy and bulky, so you may find it difficult to swim while holding them in your hand.

The alternative is a scuba diving metal detector. These devices work just like the regular ones but are shorter and much lighter. While they are easier to carry, especially while swimming, they have 360-degree coils, and lack a stem. Scuba diving models usually resemble handheld metal detectors that you see at airports but can be taken to depths of over 250 feet.

Which one of these types of models you choose is up to you, however, the standard ones are generally more useful in shallow water while the smaller ones will work better if you dive deeper.

Tips for finding treasure underwater

Even the best waterproof metal detectors can’t really compensate for experience, however, there are a few secrets that professionals use in order to maximize their chances of finding valuable items and historical artifacts:

  • Go hunting AROUND hotspots – Known historical sites and treasure hunting hotspots are usually picked clean due to the fact that most people go directly to where they know others have found valuable items. However, a lot of items can also be found in the surrounding areas. Treasure hunters tend to ignore these places which leaves them full of undiscovered items;
  • Always carry spare batteries – You won’t change the batteries while underwater, but it is useful to have spares on the boat or onshore. While there are underwater metal detectors that can operate for up to 12 hours on a single charge, some models may stop working after a couple of hours. If you’ve got a device that works with rechargeable 9V alkaline batteries that can also be replaced, get a couple of regular ones and use them when necessary. You’ll be able to recharge the other ones when you get home;
  • Use all-metal and discrimination modes alternatively – Professional treasure hunters often alternate between the two modes in order to ensure that they don’t miss anything. Even if you’re looking for gold items, you may find objects that have historical value, regardless of what they are made from;

The Top 5 Best Underwater Metal Detectors

1.    XXKJGUZI Underwater Metal Detector – A small, light handheld underwater metal detector designed for professional archeology

Best Underwater Metal DetectorWhile it may not seem like much, this model from XXKJGUZI is considered by professionals to be one of the best waterproof metal detectors around due to its portability and how easy it is to use. The device is waterproof for up to 5 meters, it can be controlled using a single button and has a small LCD screen that is extremely power-efficient.





  • 360-degree scanning – The coil of the device can be turned 360 degrees, making it easy to use in tight spaces and underwater cervices;
  • Included battery – No need to get batteries. The scanner can be used immediately after you take it out of the box, making it a great present;
  • IP68 – The device will work at a maximum depth of 5 meters, making it perfect for divers and professional treasure hunters;


  • Only one detection mode – The detector comes with 3 notification modes, but only one detection mode. It can not be set to discriminate between different types of metals;

What makes it different

The Underwater Metal Detector from XXKJGUZI is one of the lightest models on the market. It may not be great in terms of functionality, but it can be extremely useful for divers who are looking to discover long-lost items, rather than hunt for specific objects.

2.    WEDIGOUT Fully Waterproof Metal Detector – A pulse induction metal detector that can work at up to 100 feet underwater

Best Underwater Metal DetectorIf you are looking for a metal detector that you know will work almost regardless of depth, then this model from WEDIGOUT may be a good choice for you. The device can be used at a maximum depth of 100 feet and is made from stainless steel, making it ideal for deep waters where the currents may cause you to bump the detector on rocks or the seabed.





  • Automatic tunning – The model comes with a smart chip that automatically modifies detection depth and sensitivity settings, leaving you to focus on finding your target;
  • Versatile – The detector can be used at a maximum depth of 100 feet;
  • Pulse Induction technology – The device can detect objects regardless of the medium that the magnetic field has to travel through. Basically, it will work just as well when scanning through corral and rock as it will through water;


  • Batteries not included – You will have to supply your own 9V batteries;
  • Notification issues – The notification LED works great, however, the vibration motor does not activate every time the device detects something;

What makes it different

The WEDIGOUT model can go deeper than others and the state of the art smart chip does a great job when it comes to automatically changing the settings in order to compensate for different mediums that the magnetic field has to pass through. Also, the pulse induction tech used makes it easy for the device to detect metals regardless of what they are buried under.

3.    KKMOON Waterproof Pinpointer Metal Detector – An accurate metal detector that uses pulse induction

Best Underwater Metal DetectorDesigned to work at a maximum depth of 98 feet, the Waterproof Pinpointer from KKMOON is small, durable, and extremely accurate. The device uses pulse induction technology in order to ensure that the magnetic field that it projects can easily penetrate any type of material, from sand to corral and stone.

Another noteworthy feature is the autotune function that allows the device to automatically change its settings in order to increase its efficiency when scanning for various types of metal.




  • Small and light – The device is easy to carry around when diving and can be strapped to a belt in order to free your hands when swimming;
  • Works at a large depth – The metal detector can be used at a depth of up to 98 feet, making it perfect for deep-sea divers and treasure hunting in coral reefs;


  • Not great for large detection depths – The detector will have a hard time finding objects that are buried at a depth greater than 3-4 inches;

What makes it different

The KKMOON Pinpointer is great for people who do not like to mess around with settings and features. Just turn it on and the device will do the rest, allowing you to focus on swimming and looking for valuable objects.

4.    FISHER F22 Weatherproof Metal Detector – A powerful metal detector that has a submersible detection coil

Best Underwater Metal DetectorThe FISHER F22 is a fully-fledged metal detector that has a submersible detection coil. While this does limit its usability as the control box is not waterproof, its increased size also makes it considerably more powerful. In terms of features, the model comes with 10 adjustable sensitivity levels as well as a pinpoint mode. Also, the F22 uses an LCD screen to display all relevant information at the same time.



  • Heavy duty – The F22 is built to last. The control box, search coil, and stem are made from durable materials that are perfect for rugged terrain;
  • Large screen – All the information related to the operation of the device is clearly displayed on an easy to read LCD screen;
  • Accurate – The 10 sensitivity settings and ability to detect small items at a depth of 9 inches makes it perfect for any type of scenario;


  • Not entirely submersible – Only the detection coil can be used underwater. Submerging the control box will cause the device to stop working;

What makes it different

The F22 from Fisher is essentially a fully-fledged metal detector that has a weatherproof construction and a submersible detection coil. This makes it great for use in shallow water as well as on land. Furthermore, the ability to finetune its settings makes it more versatile than other models.

5.    PUDIBE Metal Detector Pinpointer – A 360-degree metal detector that has a battery life of over 48 hours

Best Underwater Metal DetectorOne of the best things about this model is its design. The device combines a 360-degree detector with a pinpoint tip in order to make it easier for the user to locate the exact position of the targeted object. Furthermore, the detector comes with an LED flashlight and can work for over 48 hours on a single charge.






  • Easy to use – The device has only one button that controls its operation, making it great for adults and children alike;
  • 360-degree and pinpoint scanning – The detectors also contain a pinpoint scanner that helps the user determine the exact location of the targeted object;
  • Smart Chip – The model comes with an advanced chip that can detect a wide variety of metals;


  • The holster is not particularly durable – The included holster can be damaged by seawater and must be cleaned often in order to prevent the material from breaking down;

What makes it different

The PUDIBE Pinpointer is a great all-in-one detector if you want to avoid bulky models that would make it difficult to swim and dive. Also, the device can work for 48 hours before requiring new batteries, making it perfect for extended treasure hunts.


Finding and getting the best underwater metal detector for your particular needs will not only increase the chances that you will find something of value but also improve your overall experience. We have looked at dozens of models and have selected the ones above due to their reliability and their accuracy.

This having been said, although they are all great to have and use, it is important to first consider what features you will actively need in order to hunt for treasure. Doing so will not only help you save money but also ensure that the underwater metal detector that you end up getting will cater to your specific needs.

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